This Is the Nicest Mailman You’ll Ever Meet

A mail worker is earning praise for his personal touch when it comes to delivering packages in an exchange caught on a doorbell security camera. When the unidentified worker showed up at the Washington state doors top to leave the package, the homeowner informed him she was not there and told him to leave the parcel at the door. Fearful of porch pirates, however, he offered to hide the package in a recycling bin. Social media fell in love with the sweet move.


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    Inside Edition

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  • Mohammed Abed

    Mohammed Abed

    18 giorni fa

    Suck my dick police

  • dilbagh mutti

    dilbagh mutti

    Mese fa

    I love your channel,I watch it 24/7

  • Nga Ngas

    Nga Ngas

    3 mesi fa

    Dammm i need a mail man like him, my mail man freakin leaves my packages at the front door if I ain't home and it's gone missing. He's also delivered my mail to different addresses 🤨 yearhh give this man an incentive bonus pay rise just do it.

  • Ricardo Lopez Jr

    Ricardo Lopez Jr

    3 mesi fa

    Good video but 1.9k didn't like it which they don't care get stolen

  • Kluadia The Wolf

    Kluadia The Wolf

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    Even the dogs love him.

  • Maybe Turtle

    Maybe Turtle

    5 ore fa


  • Jacqueline McKillop

    Jacqueline McKillop

    18 ore fa


  • yahir


    20 ore fa

    He needs an award

  • Daniel Jimenez

    Daniel Jimenez

    Giorno fa

    Where I live the mail man throws my packages with anger at my door. That's his way of knocking.

  • Saleena Iqbal

    Saleena Iqbal

    Giorno fa

    it's just normal.

  • can I get 1000 subs with no video

    can I get 1000 subs with no video

    2 giorni fa

    He is a great male man



    6 giorni fa

    Employee of the week? No Employee of the month? No Employee of the year? YES

  • No Life

    No Life

    7 giorni fa

    How come pizza delivery guy get paid 12 bucks an hour and takes it to the right house but the mail man earns 26 bucks an hour and can take it to the wrong house

  • Alexander Werley

    Alexander Werley

    7 giorni fa

    He is so sweet

  • Kids lozano

    Kids lozano

    8 giorni fa

    Omg I wish he was my mail man 🤗😃

  • Wendy Lea

    Wendy Lea

    8 giorni fa

    It’s easier to track down the homeowner because she released the footage obviously

  • Samsung Galaxy

    Samsung Galaxy

    11 giorni fa

    Wow. This garbage actually made to media. Unbelievable

  • ano070602


    12 giorni fa

    Now if the person who delivered our mail would just stop smoking while delivering the mail that would be a treat.

  • James


    12 giorni fa

    Stupid the guys is just doing his job

  • Defenseweapons


    12 giorni fa

    Thought it was gonna be remington ammo or remingston gear lol



    12 giorni fa

    He's great at customer service! I love that. Good for him, that was refreshing.

  • B- Y

    B- Y

    12 giorni fa

    I bet someone's dog is still gonna chase him down

  • Tanya Karazan

    Tanya Karazan

    12 giorni fa

    I love this man



    13 giorni fa

    Yoooo is it me or does he look like Redman? 🤨🤔

  • Daniel Kurt

    Daniel Kurt

    13 giorni fa

    Plot twist.. the recycling truck came that day

  • CeeJay611


    13 giorni fa

    He's great. Our mail people don't care

  • Gamal Kevin

    Gamal Kevin

    13 giorni fa

    This is what happens when you work with your heart. Hats off to the mailman!

  • Jalon Glover

    Jalon Glover

    13 giorni fa

    Thanks Inside Edition for sharing positive news, keep it up we need it.

  • True Smith

    True Smith

    13 giorni fa

    He such a nice person, really nice.... we tracked down the homeowner 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Samsung/Android Is the best /Fortnite sucks

    Samsung/Android Is the best /Fortnite sucks

    13 giorni fa

    What if someone aka garbage guy takes the bin?



    14 giorni fa

    In a white neighborhood not surprising but in a black as a area that wouldn't happen

  • Emmanuel Robelo

    Emmanuel Robelo

    14 giorni fa

    Is this just that rare to see? Something is wrong with humanity then.

  • tanto hermanus

    tanto hermanus

    14 giorni fa


  • GTOAviator


    14 giorni fa

    Yeah, my home state showing up!

  • Eoin Obrien

    Eoin Obrien

    14 giorni fa

    This mentality would be standard in Ireland. Obviously the US is full of scum so people think this is the nicest man in the world.

  • WICKED 00

    WICKED 00

    14 giorni fa

    If the world had more people like him, the world would be a better place.



    14 giorni fa

    If i was only the manager I will pay him more than hes paycheck

  • Heislove


    14 giorni fa

    Great person!



    14 giorni fa

    das macht ssynic also beruflich

  • Soochul Song

    Soochul Song

    14 giorni fa

    this happened to me too... but i didnt tell him to put it in the recycling bin

  • Max Thunders

    Max Thunders

    14 giorni fa

    And then later that day...he delivered her a special package ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Bluu Nzuri

    Bluu Nzuri

    11 giorni fa

    Max Thunders what is it?

  • Serge Somborac

    Serge Somborac

    14 giorni fa

    Greatest. Mailman. EVER.

  • Kevin Putra Chandra

    Kevin Putra Chandra

    14 giorni fa

    Hahaha in Indonesia this is daily act of kindness just saying

  • riptorn


    14 giorni fa

    Why what a kind young man.

  • Massive21


    14 giorni fa

    Way to get views why not pay him the money YT is funding you for this vid

  • Alucard


    14 giorni fa

    Why is my man wearing a sweater and some freezer gloves on a hot ass day lol.

  • Dee Tess

    Dee Tess

    14 giorni fa

    What a handsome, sweetie he is!🤗♡



    14 giorni fa


  • POC Skellington

    POC Skellington

    14 giorni fa

    I don't care about this fat gelatinous woman talking.

  • Jose Villanueva

    Jose Villanueva

    14 giorni fa

    Somebody did this for me too before!

  • BawseRaps


    14 giorni fa

    lol he seems crazy cool

  • Kimberlee Dookna

    Kimberlee Dookna

    14 giorni fa

    An amazing man

  • Alex B

    Alex B

    14 giorni fa

    I think he noticed the Remington and didn’t want porch pirates having precious ammunition

  • akkeyogamma


    14 giorni fa

    Dose anyone else from the UK just thinks this a normal thing.

  • David Garcia

    David Garcia

    14 giorni fa

    “His CALL OF DUTY” “on his appointed ROUNDS” - sponsored by Remington

  • smallwiener00


    14 giorni fa

    Let's be honest she wanted his corndog XD

  • Joyson Wildhart

    Joyson Wildhart

    14 giorni fa

    wholesome news vines that rustle my jimmies

  • 1000ways2fly


    14 giorni fa

    Oooo. Nice deed = media attention

  • Dallas


    14 giorni fa

    Very cool! Give that man a raise!

  • Phosphate


    15 giorni fa

    Meanwhile my postman doesn't even ring the bell

  • Jkapricorn


    15 giorni fa

    He's very cute

  • feelgood99


    15 giorni fa

    He did it because he knew he's being recorded and he can go viral. Jk, he is genuine.

  • Kai wood

    Kai wood

    15 giorni fa


  • SumBuzz80


    15 giorni fa

    Irreplaceable coins that don't need to be signed for. Good job uncle Michael

  • bob stinger

    bob stinger

    15 giorni fa

    When ur package shows up at 10pm dis is why

  • Martin Arandia

    Martin Arandia

    15 giorni fa

    Yeah but you usually don’t fine nice customers like her 😒

  • Rob Erickson

    Rob Erickson

    15 giorni fa

    She forgets and recycles it the next day

  • raissa Zehra

    raissa Zehra

    15 giorni fa

    Why they interview the home ownership instead of the mail man????????

  • raissa Zehra

    raissa Zehra

    15 giorni fa

    What a nice man 1 like one hug

  • Jimnosnow 4

    Jimnosnow 4

    15 giorni fa

    My postman does this all the time though? He hides them then leaves a note through the door telling me where

  • j3s0n


    15 giorni fa

    She looks just like I expected her to...

  • frxst


    15 giorni fa

    The other day some mail guy just trhew my jordans😭😭

  • Trooper Burgess

    Trooper Burgess

    15 giorni fa

    great guy! my mail lady always put my mail in my neighbors box and put all my neighbors mail in our box by MISTAKE smh.

  • bernie udo

    bernie udo

    15 giorni fa

    Give this man a raise! 🦅🇺🇸

  • zyx


    15 giorni fa

    That was cute... hope he’s doing great

  • Vincent Pradhana

    Vincent Pradhana

    15 giorni fa

    I never knew that such thing is rare in US

  • miguel arr

    miguel arr

    15 giorni fa

    Hes the real government worker hereo

  • TheDR


    15 giorni fa

    Its a my country there is thousand of people like em

  • cuddler


    15 giorni fa

    Everyone would do their work with a smile and responsibility like him IF everyone was being paid fair wages, didnt have to do the work of 2 people and didnt have greedy bosses. Again, it all comes down to money.

  • Jack Carey

    Jack Carey

    15 giorni fa

    Nice guy

  • Soloman Vendi

    Soloman Vendi

    15 giorni fa

    man puts box in bin

  • Alcatraz TM

    Alcatraz TM

    15 giorni fa

    Which country is he originally from ? He doesn't seem to be an American, his accent is not American. An Indian perhaps ? Anyway, he was SUPER NICE GUY

  • sartey S.

    sartey S.

    15 giorni fa

    I thought the nicest mail man is my dad :/

  • i2hiigh


    15 giorni fa

    bruh i used to be a delivery driver he's just happy he can get rid of the package. otherwise he needs to leave a card, process the package again and take it back to the warehouse. and alot of people leave notes saying to leave it somewhere 🤷‍♂️

  • Omarious S.

    Omarious S.

    15 giorni fa

    The next time this woman gets a surprise as he is hiding inside her recycling bin. “Hello sweet lady 🤓 remember me.”

  • Cole Turner

    Cole Turner

    15 giorni fa

    In today's world it's refreshing to cross paths with a good was a good day.

  • Reaper Gaming

    Reaper Gaming

    15 giorni fa

    Just deliver it to the neighbours

  • AlexAutomatix84


    15 giorni fa

    I live in NJ & around here they don’t give af . They toss any & every package , where ever it lands is where I find it ... if I find it at all.

  • Scott Parnell

    Scott Parnell

    15 giorni fa

    What an awesome guy

  • Mazda Miata

    Mazda Miata

    15 giorni fa

    Lol being nice is a rarity nowadays

  • ninad shah

    ninad shah

    15 giorni fa

    2k dislikes why would people dislike such video

  • xd kwamz

    xd kwamz

    15 giorni fa

    It's not a big thing they do it regardless of I'm home or not

  • Steelgrey 69

    Steelgrey 69

    15 giorni fa

    Great track down the home owner not the mailman

  • rihsyan adam riansyah

    rihsyan adam riansyah

    15 giorni fa

    he looks and sounds like a nice guy

  • WALA Muguris

    WALA Muguris

    15 giorni fa


  • TheRiseofTony


    15 giorni fa

    I wish was this nice. They leave it near door where people can see and step on it when leaving the house

  • Dakota Row

    Dakota Row

    15 giorni fa

    he is precious

  • Mimzy Blitz

    Mimzy Blitz

    15 giorni fa

    I really hate the commentary part

  • Ravi Ghadwal

    Ravi Ghadwal

    15 giorni fa

    He looks like Harsha Bhogle

  • Shazlossus Shazam

    Shazlossus Shazam

    15 giorni fa

    We need more people like him

  • Hitman Johnny Sins

    Hitman Johnny Sins

    15 giorni fa

    She should merry that mailman

  • Nicotine_gum


    15 giorni fa

    Now those thiefs will not spare garbage bins...



    15 giorni fa

    My mailman trashes my mail in the trash bin.

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