Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!


We relived our first bonding experience of all time...
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  • Kaylee Mae

    Kaylee Mae

    2 minuti fa

    Ethan is so mean to Grayson :((

  • Allisondoes tuff

    Allisondoes tuff

    9 minuti fa

    *wombmates* killed me 🤣

  • Serena A

    Serena A

    11 minuti fa

    Do twins ever think or realise that one of them was a mistake

  • Grace LaChapelle

    Grace LaChapelle

    11 minuti fa

    I am a triplet and I was born at 2 pounds how did you get so big?

  • Addison Lombardo

    Addison Lombardo

    18 minuti fa

    Are Ethan and Emma dating or something???

  • Im prettymuch bored with life

    Im prettymuch bored with life

    35 minuti fa

    This video radiates dumbass energy

  • Shooketh MOtO mOtO

    Shooketh MOtO mOtO

    46 minuti fa

    Grayson:“And Ethan was like 7.5 pounds” Ethan: we were thick Aren’t we all xD

  • Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar Eclipse

    46 minuti fa

    I started wheezing when I read the title

  • Johanna Purdom

    Johanna Purdom

    49 minuti fa

    why is the doctor so fucking creepy

  • Eva Grace Carnes

    Eva Grace Carnes

    Ora fa

    this doctor dude is sooooo regretting coming to this

  • Gmmv Mmv

    Gmmv Mmv

    Ora fa

    Broo, that doctor looks so fucking confused, he like wtf r this kids asking Legit all his answers r”yes” absolutely, sure.

  • Shreya Kusumanchi

    Shreya Kusumanchi

    Ora fa

    i learned more about pregnancy in this video than college

  • Eva Grace Carnes

    Eva Grace Carnes

    Ora fa

    AAHAHA why was ethan that huge bruuuuhhh

  • Cordy Gamblin

    Cordy Gamblin

    Ora fa

    “ it’s about one half of a two litre bottle” One litre has left the chat

  • Logan Bloomer

    Logan Bloomer

    Ora fa

    Your whommates

  • Jenson Blight

    Jenson Blight

    Ora fa

    Oh my god what did I just watch

  • Isy Mabel

    Isy Mabel

    Ora fa

    Tbh i feel sorry for their mom

  • Jared F

    Jared F

    Ora fa

    23:06 he painted his toe nails lol

  • Dasha Ruko

    Dasha Ruko

    Ora fa

    I just thought of this but- Do twins know that one of them was an accident? lolololol

  • Gabby v.

    Gabby v.

    Ora fa

    That doctor has a whole lotta patience 😂 lmao

  • Fernanda Ochoa

    Fernanda Ochoa

    Ora fa

    the doctor: sure😳

  • Sophie W-G

    Sophie W-G

    2 ore fa

    Ethan: *asking questions* Doctor: For sure.

  • Shay Way

    Shay Way

    2 ore fa

    They said their mom gives them some ideas maybe she gave them this one

  • Hexel


    2 ore fa

    1:33 when somebody tries to steal your content

  • vibinkan


    2 ore fa

    This has chaotic vibes lmao

  • Amber Currie

    Amber Currie

    2 ore fa

    Ethan: HeLlO wOrLd Grayson : just get me OUT

  • Hedvig


    2 ore fa

    Omg you not even know the meaning of one eggs twins...

  • Zee Line

    Zee Line

    2 ore fa

    Lord bless these stupid idiots. May they live forever. Because we love them.❤ Ah-mhen

  • Caitriona Durack

    Caitriona Durack

    2 ore fa

    *hits blunt* 23:14

  • lopeys theatre

    lopeys theatre

    2 ore fa

    That guys face the entire time he’s like “sure...”

  • Brandy Herrera

    Brandy Herrera

    2 ore fa

    I'm kinda disgusted by that water now and the eating in it🤢😂😂😂

  • Anahi Molina

    Anahi Molina

    3 ore fa

    You breath through your belly button basically

  • Undertale Lover

    Undertale Lover

    3 ore fa

    I'm pretty sure I was able to hear in the womb. I was able to remember my Grandmas voice from when I was in the womb and a little while after I was born My grandma said "Come on sweetie, please stop crying" and I immediately stopped crying

  • daisy vance

    daisy vance

    3 ore fa

    that water looks gross

  • Prettyladylayla Gacha fanL

    Prettyladylayla Gacha fanL

    3 ore fa

    ethan: "dude stop *SPHiLinG rHahMan* " grayson: "sHaRi *smacks and continues eating* " me: ☠️

  • Lou Lou Vlogs

    Lou Lou Vlogs

    3 ore fa

    Ethan: *kick Greyson* 😂

  • CadenPlayzEverything


    3 ore fa


  • Brianna Sandoval

    Brianna Sandoval

    3 ore fa

    yes, being in the womb is being considered alive.

  • Taline Bxp

    Taline Bxp

    3 ore fa

    Lmaooooo i love you guys😂 this was great and so funny!

  • Victoria Majewski

    Victoria Majewski

    3 ore fa

    Lol I'm a identical twin I'm so interested in this

  • Gissel D

    Gissel D

    3 ore fa

    This is how many times the doctor said “for sure”😭

  • Lillacemy Cat

    Lillacemy Cat

    4 ore fa

    DR. Ott was just like: WHAT THE F^€|< is going on.

  • Precious Precious

    Precious Precious

    4 ore fa

    The doctor was scared😂😂

  • Bradley Hartjoy

    Bradley Hartjoy

    4 ore fa

    Vary spacious we are goops that’s the size 👌

  • DuhItzArii A

    DuhItzArii A

    4 ore fa

    What the fuuuuuck

  • Madison Garber

    Madison Garber

    4 ore fa

    they literally could have just said an obgyn 😂😂

  • Arooj A

    Arooj A

    4 ore fa

    Gray: “My head is by somewhere I don’t want it to be by.” Ethan: “mY AsS!” Gray: *looks at camera pleadingly*

  • Sarah Magane

    Sarah Magane

    4 ore fa

    The guy looked really uncomfortable to your questions!!!!

  • Bangtan's Babygirl

    Bangtan's Babygirl

    4 ore fa

    This Doctor was so disturbed and annoyed lowkey by these boys 😂😂😂😂

  • Basic Destiny

    Basic Destiny

    4 ore fa

    grayson: it’s a pecAAAn ethan: it’s a pecan

  • Reina Garcia

    Reina Garcia

    4 ore fa

    lmfaoo this video is too funny 😂

  • Yahir Baltazar

    Yahir Baltazar

    4 ore fa

    Love you Shane. Love your vids and you are awesome. ❤️🥳 can’t wait to watch this vid. Also first comment. 😉 also most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 🐷

  • Soggypasta 123

    Soggypasta 123

    4 ore fa

    What you don’t realise is that one twin is an accident... Felt the need to say that But one of you was a happy accident obvs

  • Virginia Zearfoss

    Virginia Zearfoss

    4 ore fa

    Maybe he would have tried to do that but I like my personal space

  • Ariella Naena

    Ariella Naena

    5 ore fa

    Twin:I think it is called a ball. Me:dead

  • Vida


    5 ore fa

    And I goop

  • Ximena Duran

    Ximena Duran

    5 ore fa

    Do another one but stay they’re for 9 months

  • Cameron Perez

    Cameron Perez

    5 ore fa

    Y’all look closely at 22:42 gray is a little excited

  • Pinkgeb Pink

    Pinkgeb Pink

    5 ore fa

    I’m 2 minutes younger than my twin sister

  • BLUE b3ach

    BLUE b3ach

    5 ore fa

    R we even alive at that point? Lol yes u have a heartbeat 🤣

  • A Taylor

    A Taylor

    5 ore fa

    I can assure you that "Grethan" looked like some sort of Spencer Boldman.

  • Faith Smith

    Faith Smith

    5 ore fa

    Me : sees title Also me : what the fuck?!

  • Kimberly Cuellar

    Kimberly Cuellar

    5 ore fa

    I can’t get over how similar yalls voices are!!!

  • Wendy Alvarez

    Wendy Alvarez

    5 ore fa

    You guys are idiots, i love it ♥️

  • Keeley Aine

    Keeley Aine

    5 ore fa

    When he said "we forgot to ask what babies wear in the womb" I was like aw shit Completely forgetting babies are NAKED

  • Rosemarie Herrera

    Rosemarie Herrera

    5 ore fa

    😂😂😂this is funny lol

  • Ariella Naena

    Ariella Naena

    5 ore fa

    This is hilarious

  • Deryn Wheeler

    Deryn Wheeler

    5 ore fa

    I think the doctor thinks the the twins are stupid

  • Alesha Lewis

    Alesha Lewis

    5 ore fa

    Im a twin 😱i need to do this

  • Mak Art

    Mak Art

    5 ore fa

    Ethan: kinda want another bite of that can I have another bite of that? Grayson: nope too bad your a little bitch

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