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  • shallow wolf

    shallow wolf

    5 ore fa

    What the seed

  • Gold Gamer

    Gold Gamer

    Giorno fa


  • Hadeshellhound


    2 giorni fa

    What’s the seed

  • That Boi Frog

    That Boi Frog

    2 giorni fa

    16:10 Top 10 anime battles

  • Telirium GMD

    Telirium GMD

    2 giorni fa

    Once upon a rime there was 3 little retards playing with their genitals while getting fisted anally. And while something additionally was happening as these retards continued making this video- IS IT FUCKING DAYTIME YET?!

  • Telirium GMD

    Telirium GMD

    2 giorni fa

    More Minecraft! Love your content. This is so hilarious! Im gonna sub

  • sandriuks


    3 giorni fa

    What is that texture pack?

  • Dungeon Raiders

    Dungeon Raiders

    4 giorni fa

    Bryan: Pick up the inglets What is an inglet?

  • Mizfit Alexx

    Mizfit Alexx

    4 giorni fa

    What mod are they playing?

  • Pizza Time

    Pizza Time

    4 giorni fa

    When I find a revene I just yeet my self off the edge and land in water then I find a water fall to get back up

  • OG Supreme

    OG Supreme

    5 giorni fa


  • Dirks The Immortal

    Dirks The Immortal

    6 giorni fa

    “Inglets” lol

  • Davis Vlogs

    Davis Vlogs

    6 giorni fa

    What’s the seed

  • AwestruckHalo37


    7 giorni fa

    What's the seed?

  • Beetleracoon65 !

    Beetleracoon65 !

    7 giorni fa

    Anybody know what texture pack he uses?

  • MrRexzo


    8 giorni fa

    What texture pack is this??

  • skull mask boss

    skull mask boss

    9 giorni fa

    Yo Brian are you doing man I can’t see you watch you to paradigm not watching IT-downloads I mean doing IT-downloads what the fuck sorry there is it that I am as it did to myself

  • shadowknight12


    9 giorni fa

    World seed?

  • Masterman2020


    10 giorni fa

    i love how little they know

  • tom king

    tom king

    10 giorni fa

    I HEARD YOU WILDCATA GRAND POOBAH OF ALL THIS N THAT AYE? nice to see hes a critter too ;)

  • Me Me

    Me Me

    11 giorni fa

    "Lets GangBang the Wizard" "I Wonder If thats ever been said before? Well They dont call her moaning mertal because shes a bad singer XD :')

  • D3rpz


    11 giorni fa

    What seed is that

  • ISecKc Snow Hacker

    ISecKc Snow Hacker

    11 giorni fa

    Hes saying fucking inglet not ingot XD

  • Brayden Hafdahl

    Brayden Hafdahl

    12 giorni fa

    OMG he was serious when he said INGLOTS!!!!! LOL!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • doctor random

    doctor random

    13 giorni fa

    Do you know the seed of the world

  • Sylvia Morales

    Sylvia Morales

    13 giorni fa

    tyler:evan im gonna die, im actually gonna die. evan:ok. tyler:*dies*

  • Ifan Stoddart

    Ifan Stoddart

    13 giorni fa

    15:33 who else got triggered that he couldn't find his leggings

  • YaBoyZobo


    13 giorni fa

    what texture pack is this

  • No u

    No u

    13 giorni fa

    Terroriser: "Where are my pants?" Me: *Having a stroke about where the pants are

  • Kingudāku


    15 giorni fa

    Does anyone know what texture pack they are using?

  • BamaDust


    15 giorni fa


  • F7099Y


    15 giorni fa

    ikr I NEED TO KNOW!



    15 giorni fa

    texture pack????? Reply to me if u know please

  • I am gamer marko

    I am gamer marko

    15 giorni fa

    What kind of texture pack are you using?

  • LJSgaming


    13 giorni fa

    I want to know the same thing

  • Juicy The Kid

    Juicy The Kid

    16 giorni fa

    Uhh does anyone know the texture pack?

  • Juicy The Kid

    Juicy The Kid

    15 giorni fa

    Fyre thx

  • Fyre


    16 giorni fa

    Juicy The kid “Default 32x32”

  • Tanoshiたのし


    16 giorni fa

    What texture pack do you use?

  • Fyre


    16 giorni fa

    Tanoshiたのし “Default 32x32”

  • Michael Urquhart

    Michael Urquhart

    16 giorni fa

    what version are they on?

  • Fyre


    16 giorni fa

    Latest -1.14 and they’re using the “Default 32x32” texture pack

  • johnpaul johnpaul

    johnpaul johnpaul

    16 giorni fa

    The game that will save terroriser channel

  • Dillan Jackson

    Dillan Jackson

    17 giorni fa

    as soon as my father starts a new save in 2 days he has 17 houses already built

  • José Lopes

    José Lopes

    17 giorni fa

    18:00 that looks like Doom

  • shadow 44

    shadow 44

    17 giorni fa

    Whats that effect with hiting something with a sword how

  • toxicghost067


    17 giorni fa

    Did any one notice that wildcat out pork and he is a pig for the new people

  • JustPositive


    18 giorni fa

    I like how Brian keeps giving Evan the shit that he doesn’t want anymore.

  • xXIcyXx S.

    xXIcyXx S.

    18 giorni fa

    Brian “Holy Shit” Tyler “AHHHHHHHH” Cobblestone bridge “Am I a joke to you”?

  • Damian


    11 giorni fa

    Shift key: am I a joke to you??

  • Alethea Loz

    Alethea Loz

    18 giorni fa

    I'm having SkyDoesMinecraft flashbacks...

  • Brandon Arizmendi

    Brandon Arizmendi

    18 giorni fa


  • LAzY Gigi

    LAzY Gigi

    18 giorni fa

    12:18 piggyriser

  • hydra gaming

    hydra gaming

    18 giorni fa

    Take the chicken or die, Irish style!

  • Kpop Crazy

    Kpop Crazy

    19 giorni fa

    Am I the only one who saw his pants in the top right corner of his inventory but he was like “I can’t find my pants!”

  • Braxten Hainline

    Braxten Hainline

    19 giorni fa

    What is the seed?

  • U CG

    U CG

    19 giorni fa

    2:26 lmao

  • Dat Murphey

    Dat Murphey

    19 giorni fa

    When Brian couldn't find the pants he didn't realize that his pants was on his top right inventory space

  • Codfan48 Goad

    Codfan48 Goad

    19 giorni fa

    Thank god Minecraft is back !

  • Ada Villa

    Ada Villa

    19 giorni fa

    make more minecraft videos, this was hilarious 😂😂

  • Mason Berry

    Mason Berry

    19 giorni fa

    Your first once-in-a-lifetime

  • S D J G

    S D J G

    19 giorni fa

    I think he cut out the part where he died to a bush

  • DarkDragon _Gaming

    DarkDragon _Gaming

    19 giorni fa

    WHERE MA PANTS (Puts cursor on coal right next to the pants) Me: (Bangs Head On Table)

  • Truegamerred


    19 giorni fa

    Brian: where are my pants? Me:*facepalms and speaks softly* in the top right corner of you freaking inventory

  • Мошонка Стрекозы

    Мошонка Стрекозы

    19 giorni fa

    С русского по лайку)

  • TBIA_xMxrcy


    19 giorni fa

    What texture pack is this

  • Darryl franceo Manohar

    Darryl franceo Manohar

    19 giorni fa

    This is more successful then most of ur videosn

  • Luigi the dueling Master 2

    Luigi the dueling Master 2

    19 giorni fa

    U should all explore the seas

  • Chrls lmby

    Chrls lmby

    19 giorni fa

    what shders does brian use like the one he used in his stream?? does anyone knows?

  • Kuorting Loky376

    Kuorting Loky376

    19 giorni fa

    It's a *WITCH* sorry!!! I really don't care what u call it

  • Matticus Madness

    Matticus Madness

    19 giorni fa

    6:23 😂 11:49 Hoh boy. 17:54 I'm reminded of when Nogla went charging full power in the enemies back in the GTA V Humane Labs Heist. 20:12 *"SO LONG, SUCKERS-"* Oh wait. Wrong YTer.

  • Mirr


    20 giorni fa

    when is ep 2 coming out?

  • MsG Vids

    MsG Vids

    20 giorni fa

    Why is the title so specific 😐😂👀

  • Axel Nilsson

    Axel Nilsson

    20 giorni fa

    15:34 in the box up right corner there’s your pants

  • Alijohn Gaming

    Alijohn Gaming

    20 giorni fa

    Brian made more views in this Minecraft video than his videos in the past month

  • Harry Connor

    Harry Connor

    20 giorni fa

    This just shows pewdiepie makes a vid about minecraft then EVERYONE makes about it

  • Count Dooku I’ve been looking forward to this

    Count Dooku I’ve been looking forward to this

    20 giorni fa

    I play Minecraft. I thought they would never play Minecraft again, after 6 years. They play Minecraft again.

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