YBN Cordae's 2019 XXL Freshman Freestyle


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YBN Cordae recalls his humble beginnings in his 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle.
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Video directed by @travissatten
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  • XXL


    9 giorni fa

    Did YBN Cordae kill his 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle?



    6 ore fa

    @@Ninja Heist Arme you crazy

  • Jungle_ Vibes

    Jungle_ Vibes

    6 ore fa


  • Mag T3atime

    Mag T3atime

    7 ore fa

    Ofc he did

  • Jamal S

    Jamal S

    8 ore fa


  • Memepage _1

    Memepage _1

    17 ore fa

    Fr tho

  • Betty hernandez

    Betty hernandez

    2 ore fa

    Wow 🗑🗑🗑

  • Barrett Hilton

    Barrett Hilton

    2 ore fa

    the only talented freshman

  • Tybrezy Ty

    Tybrezy Ty

    3 ore fa

    How he on XXL and ybn nahmir ain’t on here that’s crazy 😂💯



    3 ore fa

    If it wasn’t for the ignorant shit he’s talking about he wouldn’t be where he’s at right now, YBN Nahmir is his father ..

  • S7VN


    3 ore fa


  • Xantana_m


    4 ore fa

    Short and sweet

  • Pain is Evil

    Pain is Evil

    4 ore fa

    my face full of spit

  • XxmehmasterxX Gaming

    XxmehmasterxX Gaming

    5 ore fa

    I like this dude. He deserves this

  • nickiinatsumii :/

    nickiinatsumii :/

    6 ore fa

    Hey my name is Nicholas

  • Travis Butler is Makaveli the Don

    Travis Butler is Makaveli the Don

    19 ore fa

    We hear y'all Devil's talkingshit $1,000,000,000 it-downloads.com/item/video-WR5xdE8GPpY.html

  • king ss25

    king ss25

    23 ore fa

    Ybn Cordae is top 2 lyrical rappers out the 2019 xxl freshman list

  • Avon Barksdale

    Avon Barksdale

    23 ore fa

    That was what we call Nice Nasty. It had be waiting on the conclusion of the rhyme from the first bar.

  • MiDniGhT_CaRnaGE


    23 ore fa

    Who's here after Roddy Ricch's freestyle?

  • Dustin smith

    Dustin smith

    Giorno fa

    If you disliked this. Go back to mumble rap

  • jazz


    Giorno fa

    This was actually good

  • Romario St Hillaire

    Romario St Hillaire

    Giorno fa

    ybn cordae is like the smart and more intelligent version of ybn nahmir

  • Labeautyqueen


    Giorno fa




    Giorno fa

    I have to put Cordae at the top of the list lyrically.. If you like this check out this rising artist out of Broward County it-downloads.com/item/video-Tkqb0e7QK9M.html

  • Shine Heaux

    Shine Heaux

    Giorno fa


  • najib shah

    najib shah

    Giorno fa

    him and RR are the tonly good rappers in the xxl freshman freestyle

  • Irsh #9

    Irsh #9

    Giorno fa

    Best one



    Giorno fa

    He has a Lisp

  • Tj Steel

    Tj Steel

    Giorno fa


  • J S

    J S

    Giorno fa

    no one cares about you DAMN reaction videos.

  • Njabulo Jae

    Njabulo Jae

    Giorno fa

    Lemme go to iTunes

  • Pluggin Ruger

    Pluggin Ruger

    Giorno fa

    He dissed Cole but he started to sound like him more an more

  • lil leo

    lil leo

    Giorno fa

    Wasn’t a diss it was re-make

  • Zachary Schiller

    Zachary Schiller

    Giorno fa


  • O G

    O G

    Giorno fa

    cordae can actually spit not like that fuck ass nigga mosey



    Giorno fa

    Best one 🙋🏾‍♂️

  • Brassmaster_94


    Giorno fa


  • Sauhan


    Giorno fa

    Cordae: this ain’t the end of it *looks down and think what should he do since he said that*

  • datnigga_ leo

    datnigga_ leo

    Giorno fa

    Dis nigga and Roddy r the only good freestyles lmao

  • skylar lawrence

    skylar lawrence

    Giorno fa

    Bets so far

  • MajinAngel777


    Giorno fa

    Lisp noises

  • KeithGoCrazy


    Giorno fa

    “Feeling caged in like Nicholas” 🤦‍♂️🔥 Nobody peeped?

  • SonicSwift99


    Giorno fa

    My eyes shot up wide after I heard that

  • Kid Unstoppable

    Kid Unstoppable

    Giorno fa

    Best one

  • Memeocrisy


    Giorno fa

    Except for Megan and Rico

  • Jeeses99


    Giorno fa

    Thanks IT-downloads for recommending me the only freshman who isn't fucking garbage this year. Cordae is good af. Everyone else can go to hell.

  • Finz Daily With Matthew

    Finz Daily With Matthew

    Giorno fa

    cordae killed this🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • iiCookiezz


    Giorno fa

    why he sound like he talk with a lisp

  • aidangolivee


    Giorno fa

    iiCookiezz he does

  • Stuart Taracena

    Stuart Taracena

    Giorno fa

    Only rapper on the freshman cover

  • Q-Ball / Gods Among Men

    Q-Ball / Gods Among Men

    Giorno fa

    The best freshman easily with those multisyllabic rhymes and wordplay

  • JT prod.

    JT prod.

    Giorno fa

    Beat xxl freestyle hands down

  • Kevin Wilson

    Kevin Wilson

    Giorno fa


  • Amaury Burkes

    Amaury Burkes

    Giorno fa

    Where the beat?

  • Bahiyah Shabazz

    Bahiyah Shabazz

    2 giorni fa


  • Tyler Lebby

    Tyler Lebby

    2 giorni fa

    Big KRIT FLOW🔥🔥

  • Dank memes 420 bing bong

    Dank memes 420 bing bong

    2 giorni fa

    He’s great but he’s trying to be lyrical even tho he is hella talented I hate it when you try to sound like a fucking Astro physicist It doesn’t work cordae

  • Extinct Paradise

    Extinct Paradise

    2 giorni fa

    They finally let my boi on the list, he shoulda been on this last year.

  • kamyaidaX


    2 giorni fa

    Does this nigga think he j cole or sum

  • Unlawful Potato

    Unlawful Potato

    2 giorni fa

    This man spits *T H A T* fire

  • julian foster

    julian foster

    2 giorni fa

    He said no chain on some different shit Ok ok. Stay humble!

  • H. Dregoes831

    H. Dregoes831

    2 giorni fa

    Did you guys just pull random people off IG ... garbage

  • cryptic kfuel

    cryptic kfuel

    2 giorni fa

    Just realized lil mosey the only nigga who ain’t black in this freshman class

  • Oh Kush420

    Oh Kush420

    2 giorni fa

    This years xxl list is probably the wackest one yet

  • Midwest Mello

    Midwest Mello

    2 giorni fa

    He left y’all wanting more while also letting you know he’s gonna have longevity whether it be mainstream or by internet underground.

  • Dillen Adams

    Dillen Adams

    2 giorni fa

    This shit sucks

  • AK74


    2 giorni fa

    Yeah that's cool and all but what the fuck was that sound at 0:05

  • AK74


    2 giorni fa

    He looks like he found a dollar at the end and was just waiting for the camera to fade out to snag it

  • AK74


    2 giorni fa

    Cordae looks like he found a dollar on the ground at the end

  • BruhMomentemum


    2 giorni fa

    no one: cordae: *hUh* (0:04)

  • Austin Young

    Austin Young

    2 giorni fa

    Ohhhh oh oh ohohohohohohoh ohhhh

  • miguel Sanchez

    miguel Sanchez

    2 giorni fa

    He’s had better freestyles

  • Aydin Andre

    Aydin Andre

    2 giorni fa

    Bro where is the old xxl when they use to get everyone in the same room

  • Jillian Ralph

    Jillian Ralph

    2 giorni fa

    Dontai bouta do some goofy shit to this video 😂

  • chuckskinny1


    2 giorni fa

    Not bad for shiit. Dr Seuss raps.

  • princekari


    2 giorni fa

    Talented asf

  • Keylow & Shani

    Keylow & Shani

    2 giorni fa

    That was quick lmao short and sweet I guess.. lyrical definitely. He had a lot to say in a split second lol.. we had fun making a reaction video to this!

  • Colin Drucker

    Colin Drucker

    2 giorni fa

    J. Cole is that you

  • rejectedhex


    2 giorni fa


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